well, I did it again ^_^

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I wish....

Here comes the first appearance of the author herself! Myself  ^_^

The sign says "To the Doctor"

And I say "DO NOT WANT!"

And the lines below the pic are: Don't you be afraid, they are not so evil like back then in childhood (and you are big and scary now!)


I've got my scull pierced.. 

"It's nothing, it will be alright...Who would know ..."

I called to my family and friends from hospital. Here are some samples ^_^

1)-  I'm in a hospital!

   - That's like in Totoro!

2) - I'm in a hospital.. scared..

   - Nyaaa Q_Q

3) - I'm ...

  (well, that's some untranslatable lot of words ^_~ )

Trying hard to get a firm grip on my spirit and not let it go off me leaving me alone in fear...

reflection. pocketsize ^_^

We are nice! Let us out of here! (pretty please! Q_Q)

(label on the wrappings: "disposable halo" )

It was a "Happy 13th day" greeting postcard =) for november 2009

the last for the hospital notes, and for the red felt pens as well. Next will be "the little black book notes"

think of this as a riddle ;) and another tarot card

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Hope it's not the last time )
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