Bryan Melendez ||   

I love comic books, to start. After picking up a comic book at seven elleven years ago I knew that I was meant to draw comics. The incredible hulk was my very first book and it was entitled "The Incredible Hulk vs The Incredible Hulk" It blew my mind!! I couldn't believe that there were two of them. So after that I started drawing and I haven't looked back. Growing up with comic books I have learned that comics are not just simply kids stuff. Comic books have a deep impact on the society we live in. My favorite example is the "Superman green card" example. Many know that superman grew up in Smallville, however many look over the fact that he was born on Krypton. Krypton was his home planet and he immigrated to the United States. Superman is an immigrant and he can be considered the ultimate immigrant. Immigrants who come into the united states often come looking for a better life and a job, Superman found a better life here and a job. I love comic books and I am drawing my own to get into the comic drawing game. I am no Ethan Van Sciver or Romita but I am starting here. I figured it would be better to start here than no where.