Updated Wednesday and Saturday.
Okay I have started posting these... please be patient with me on updates... I am not good at forcing myself to make these.
Ummm yeah... when I say updates are when I can... I am basically saying that if I draw it then it gets put up... Honestly I am holding out on you! I got the first 5 pages done! Who would have thunk it... So one a day until I run out.
'sigh'... I fell down and I hurt myself on my run today... I am incredabily annoyed right now because after 4 hours... IT STILL HURTS! Gah... I'm just glad people are reading this... I'm actually surprised by how many people have checked my comic out... THANK YOU SO MUCH! That number on stats page helps encourage me  to draw more...
Hello... that is all I have to say now... Got a new Mac but I don't have a scanner for it so I'll keep using my windows for now when making comics.
Here's the next one enjoy.
Gasp! Other people... well I will see you wednesday... I decided to update the page on wednesday and Saturday... So see you then!
Well it's still wednesday... sorta... sorry for the delay. I was really busy and I have exams this week, so everything is hectic. Hope you enjoy the beginning of the new micro-arc.
I'm tired.

There are some things in this world that are meant unseen... for instance, the bearsquid... ugh... I fail as an artist... This explains why I draw stickmen...


Sorry about the late update... I just got done editing a movie that I am sending to a film festival, Sooo, I was kinda busy...


you can watch here though... I hope you enjoy that too.





also, if you can tell me how to make links in these blurbs.. do tell me... 

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