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Hello and thanks for stopping by.. This page is part of my little doodle network.. 229 comics is mostly horror based work right now.. Much of it is fairly graphic in nature, uses explicit language and is geared towards the mature adult reader..


There are plans in the future for some crime drama, action and more humor related work but for now the main attraction is FESTER, an ongoing online graphic novel which I started as a means to build my photoshop skills.. There are two full  episodes of FESTER posted on webcomicsnation and comicspace.. Episodes 6 and 7.. Episode 8 is currently underway.. If you want to see some of the earlier, more crudely drawn episodes you can go all the way back to episode one using the links to the official FESTER site..


Yes, we finally have our own domain


The other features on are Chikin Floo, which is a horror/satire strip that has six installments.. Just something I doodle in between projects... 


 Sharpes Pointe.. Sharpes Pointe is a project that has been in the working for a long time..  It is a horror story based in a run down metropolis.. It promises to be very dark and somewhat disturbing but has been slow in getting started.. But stay tuned because it is going to pick up..


the Gang, which is a story inspired by life in small town Annapolis Maryland.. Back when it still was a small town..  Notice I say INSPIRED by and not BASED on because nothing in the Gang is actually based on reality, it's a piece that will be both twisted and funny.. 


And Escape from the Grove , which is something I dug out of a box in my mom's attic about 6 years ago.. I must have been 15 when i wrote and illustrated that, it's good for a laugh every time I read it but also has alot of inside humor that would only make sense to the people who were in that same school with me at that time.. Still a fun read for anybody with a twisted sense of humor..  



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 That site features only FESTER, Sharpes pointe and the Gang but we're working on archiving all back episodes of 229 material plus work that will be featured exclusively on  


 Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web..


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