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?Quantum: Rock of Ages? is Philip Clark?s first substantial foray into the world of comics. Philip?s passion for comics began when he was five years old, and continued well past his adolescence. Having grown up with Claremont and Byrne?s ?X-men,? and the Wolfman/Perez team on ?New Teen Titans,? Clark eventually found more mature and independent voices in the industry. ?My main influences are guys like Matt Wagner, Neil Gaiman, and Grant Morrison; the one?s with a bit of an edge, who like to put a twist on modern stereotypes. And David Mack, he?s bloody brilliant.?

?Quantum: Rock of Ages? is a story Philip Clark has always wanted to tell. ?Having lived the life I lived, sometimes I feel I?d like to see the ?what ifs? out there. With ?Quantum,? I get to explore the possibility of, say ?what would have happened if I never left Wyoming, or ?what if I was already a rock-star.? Philip has some great surprises planned for the series. ?I hope to tell ?Quantum? in a trilogy, so these first twelve issues will be the first arc,? Clark explains. ?I loved Matt Wagner?s ?Mage: The Hero Discovered,? and, like that story, I have a bomb I?m going to drop about halfway through the first arc. And I?ve already set the stage for the next two arcs, but that?s a ways away.?

Philip Clark?s musical r?sum? reads like a who?s who of the industry. As a veteran session musician and producer, Philip?s credits include James Brown, Groove Collective, Afrikka Bambatta, Zulu Nation, and Brooklyn Funk Essentials. He is the only funky white-boy of his kind to hail from the great state of Wyoming. Clark is a two-time winner of ?Amateur Night at the Apollo, and has played venues such as L.A.?s House of Blues, The Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, and Colorado?s Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Singles from his debut album ?The State of Blue-Eyed Soul? have scored top 10 positions on various internet radio charts, and have earned Clark over 100,000 streams and downloads.

Philip Clark currently lives in Astoria, Queens. When he?s not writing ?Quantum? he?s producing music and playing in New York City with his eponymous band.