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"(One) of Denver's best comic artists" -Kyle MacMillian, The Denver Post

Lonnie Allen was born in South Korea in 1976, and grew up mostly in Eastern New Mexico and West Texas as an adopted child of a retired Air Force sergeant and current teacher, and a Thai mother. He studied Fine Arts the University of Denver which he now has no use for whatsoever. He's been part of a Denver comic co-op, Squid Works, since 1999 as well as being a proponent Denver Drink and Draw group. He has self-published an assortment of mini-comics including: "The Cheerleader and Other Stories," "Tell Tale Signs,""GEN ERIC," and "Boxer." His short stories have appeared a number of comic anthologies such as: the Eisner-nominated "EXPO 2005," "Mauled,"" 24 Hour Comics Anthology," and the" Potlatch" comics anthology. He has also published "Crazy Asian Girl" with John Peters of "Forty Winks." He currently creates a webcomic called "Delineate" which is available online at his blog: He currently lives in Denver, Colorado and manages to create comics when he's not mired vices.