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The Visual Language Manifesto

How to restructure the "Comics" Industry and its Ideology
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Reframing "Comics" (July 2005) - Many people have argued that the word "comics" has poor connotations. However, it is merely symptomatic of a larger network of concepts that implicitly hold down visual language. I address these issues and propose methods to overcome them.

Fight the Comic Aristocracy (October 2004) - This is another piece about the business models and social presence of "comics" and visual language in America.
Part One breaks down the "political" hierarchies of the comics industry, while
Part Two
argues for a democratization against the established hierarchies.

Comics' Identity Crisis (April 2004) - This essay discusses how the perspectives of Art versus Language affect the social perceptions of visual language.

Dissolving Comics' Boundaries (Jan. 2004) - This piece discusses the problems facing the comic industry's need for survival and expansion, and how I think it can overcome them.

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