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Deputised Experts

I used a photo of an abandoned warehouse/ mill to get the picture for the background. At the time, I thought I was being ironic turning it into a posh apartment block. Since I drew this page, the building has been turned into a posh apartment block. There is a gallery of background images I've done for Deputised Experts on my site. I'm not too proud to admit they were all traced from photos.
A little banter between the detectives as they climb the stairs. Establishes that this was once an abandoned building, before the developers got their hands on it and that it has a dark history. The dark history isn't relevant to the story, it's just a bit of colour.
There are no Longsight Loyalists, as far as I know, but it does have an Irish contingent.
For reference, Longsight is here. The apartment block where the shooting happened is based upon a building which is here.
Okay, so he's showing his age. I don't think the Governator has the time to go on killing sprees these days.
I was going to have this scene illustrated with CSI style flashbacks, but realised it would end up far too long.
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