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Spinneyhead Scrapbook

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday whilst I have material.
A short piece from 1997. the ExtraOrdinary Developments Department spend their time chasing ghosts, ghouls and UFOs. Occassionally they get more than they bargained for. Originally meant as an ashcan showing the two main characters investigating glowing lights in the sky when they're supposed to be on a double date.
Extra ODD was another of the steps along the road to what eventually became Deputised Experts. There was an element of taking the piss out of the X Files, but I had also had an idea about paranormal investigations before Sculder and Mully hit the screens. I just did nothing about it, as is so often the case.
I have a great love for Land Rovers and they keep turning up as the transport of choice in my strips. Of course, they're also very square and easy to draw, which has to help.
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