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Squid Works Jam Comics

The Squid Works hosted the 2008 NDK Improv Cartooning Jam, Saturday, September 13, 2008 at the Marriott DTC. The rules for the Improv Cartoon Jam were as follows:

1) Each participant receives a paneled template with a number of panels equal to the number of team members upon which a comic strip will be drawn

2) The Jam Moderator will randomly draw one character, one setting, and one object from the story seeds from which the first team member will use to start their comic strip. Story seeds for this jam included one of each of the following: character, setting, object -- each participant brainstormed several of each to be placed in a hat and drawn at random.

3) The Jam Moderator will repeat the process a number of times equal to the number of participants the team has, so each participant should be working the first panel of a comic strip by the end of this process.

4) Each participant has TEN minutes to complete the first panel of their strip.
o The panel does NOT need to use each story seed, but ALL seeds must be used in the strip by the time the last panel has been drawn.
o The story seeds can be used literally OR as words in word balloons, captions, or thought balloons. Example: If someone drew a slip of paper that said ?Castle,? the cartoon can take place in a castle, or maybe the word "Castle" simply appears in the strip text.

5) Once the first ten minutes is up, each team member passes the strip they've started to the next team member. Each participant works on the second panel of the strip they've been handed, keeping in mind that they will need to integrate any unused story seeds into the strip by the time it is completed. Each participant has TEN minutes to complete the second panel of their strip.

6) Pass strip to the next team member. Repeat for the third and/or fourth panels. By the last panel all team members should have worked on each strip and all story seeds must have been utilized.

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