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The Pre-History of The Wang

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The intro to "Only Chaos" was supposed to be a teaser for the previous issues to show us why Eugene is so pissed off he had to leave town. If you just started reading this series, check out chapters 1-3 to find out what these panels are about.

Okay, this page probably needs some explanation.  About the time that I was going to print this book, it became apparent that if I was going to get this book into Diamond's catalog, it was going to be as a one-shot.  I didn't want to redraw the first two episodes, and it was becoming increasingly evident that superheroes -- parody or not -- were a saturated market.  In addition, it will become increasingly evident that I'd already decided that what I loved about my Eugene Wang stories wasn't the superhero schtick, but the dysfunctional relationships in his lonely life.  So, "Only Chaos" was my answer to 1) closing the book on superhero parody (I'd already finished much of "On-Campus Crusader" (chapter 1) before I realized how I unwittingly named Eugene after the campus bible study group); and 2) being an expulsion of all of my childhood guilty pleasures -- things I loved: monsters, cars, and football.

So, that's why the name change (he couldn't afford to change it -- I couldn't afford to reprint the first two books).  Oh, and "Vanna" = Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune (is that still on?)

 Oh, and Diamond?  They passed on distributing this.

Eugene's a jerk when he rebels, huh?
It's amazing how badass people are when they use their parent's credit card.
Behold!  The second coming of Christ in celebration of the Easter holiday!
Well, I was probably premature in coloring the evening sky in the previous pages, buy, hey, you get the idea...
Yes, my love for zombies goes way back!
Apologies, as I will be postponing this week's update until next week.

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