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The Pre-History of The Wang

Weekly, every Tuesday
You can tell this story is dated... a PAGER? He might as well be hauling around a CB.
I believe this is the first example of overt politics in any of my comic books. Of course, I've combined it with my old standby -- toilet humor.
This can't be a healthy relationship if he's only going to try rescuing her out of a "relational obligation."
I wish the confederate flag thing was an exaggeration, but when I went to school, one of the fraternities made up t-shirts that read, "Bury a Fairy, 1990 Annual Fag Hunt" around an image of a confederate flag. In fact, it inspired this.
Redneck security system -- watch out ADP!
See my confederate flag commentary from before... again, I wish this was more of an exaggeration.
It's amazing how strong Eugene was back in 1996. He's pretty much a pussy nowadays.
This pager plays a crucial role in "The Wang: The BIG One" but sadly becomes dated technologically as my ability to produce my stories is outpaced by the proliferation of cellphones.
The gripping conclusion of chapter 2!
I may take a few week break before starting Chapter 3: The On-Campus Crusader: The Aftermath. Stay tuned!

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