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Imagine the future of this country where corporations have usurped control of the states; where corporate mercenary war fallout has left humanity rampant with genetic mutation; AND, where your TV remote has an on/off button, volume control, and only ONE channel? because you only NEED one channel for the craze that?s sweeping the nation: the RACE!

This is the world of REVVVelations. Enter Moose and Essie, our fearless guerilla TV broadcasters, chased by FCC agents into the CoorGen Mountain Regional Race. These two archrivals are forced to put their social and professional differences behind them and join forces, battling their personal ghosts, to stay alive -- but more importantly -- professionally viable in their quest to deliver REAL news!

REVVVelations is an action adventure jam packed with humor, religiousity, romantic tension, and mutant disfigurations. Oh, and YES, there is cannibalism, but it's really not polite to talk about, even though everyone knows it happens. [Recommended for Mature Readers]

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Stan Yan is a Denver-based stock broker-turned-comic creator. Sadly, he makes as little money doing this as he did as a stock broker. ... full profile