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   Anything goes in Odds n' Ends. This will be the stomping ground for all of my ideas. Nothing will be too good or too bad to post here. I hope you will enjoy or a least get a kick out of what you see.



This was an odd sketch I did way back when. For some reason I liked the dudes face. He looks like a Fribrain.

   I did a improvised comic with a couple of friends,we called it IMPRO. Each person had his turn drawing a panel and would pass it off to the next person. We did it during lunch breaks so it was done very fast.

  I will be showing just my drawing from this comic for now. Later on I might put out the whole comic, I just need the go ahead from my friends.

This was a fast sketch  I did at worklast year at work. It ended up as a comical Dragon but I like it none the less. I might have plans for him later on!
I was trying something different using ink and paint. Tell me what you think!

Here are a couple of characters I had created for a story Idea I had a few years ago. A work in progress.

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