A. Chum ||   

from san francisco, cali, u.s. of a. with lots of hobbies, zero time.
sooo.. cello and swimming, lots of homework, and a little bit of spare time to do some sketches here and there. or during class. hah. and i'm now in college!! fun stuff. basically i'm over-committed and so i rarely ever have free time. yay. i always end up getting too interested in everything and then signing up for stuff and actually going to the stuff i sign up for (yes, i'm responsible like that) but then i end up being too responsible and then i go everywhere for everything. and then i get lost cuz i'm not sure which thing i should drop. oh well. so that's my life in a nutshell.
oh yeah, and i'm asian, so all those chinky sterotypes apply to me. not really. if all you can see are stereotypes, go find a life. please.

so here is my current experimental comic thingy. it might just turn into some random upload-some-phunky-sketches kind of thing, if i draw more of those and less of actual sequences.
*congrats to me for updating relatively regularly!
* XD (<--that's a lie.. i update like in bursts.)


sooo.. yeah, can't really think of something interesting about me to write at the moment. remind me if you can think of one. XD