Hey guys.. sorry for almost-late update. yeah, not a real comic/sequence, but i decided to post it anyway because I like it. and because i have to take time to think up and draw and scan again if i wanna make a real comic for this week. hey, it's not old, this thing! i scanned it in last night (I drew it on my sheet of homework and then photoshopped my homework out of it.. hehe). so it's very new. yeah, a border on a sheet of paper. you can use it if you wanna decorate your papers, as long as you ask me. and stick my copyright somewhere on the page (you can move the position of it if you like, or write it somewhere else, as long as it's on the sheet). yes. i want my credits. lol hehe i'm not that serious abt it but it would be nice. thx guys!

cyclopean dragon or another DA preview comic will be next, most likely. keep your fingers crossed. (i'm keeping mine crossed too.)

love from teh chum! XD 

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