Happy April! Here's Sam making a fool of himself.. hehehe. check out his translation of Cicero that he sort of did while studying for Civ at the same time. It makes no sense whatsoever. have fun. And yes, it's got a copyright of rohrer because it's his work, not mine. but I asked if i could post it.. it's just too funny not to. enjoy. and yes, it's not a real comic again, but i just HAD to post this. HAD to. maybe i'll remember and stick a real comic up the following week. maybe. mayhap. perhaps. gah. something like that.


sooo.. here's the original latin passage. see if you can get a better translation and maybe win a prize! XD

quod ad me scribis de sorore tua, testis erit ipsa quantae mihi curae fuerit ut Quinti fratris animus in eam esset is qui deberet. Quem cum esse offensiorem arbitrarer, eas litteras ad eam misi quibus et placarem ut fratrem et monerem ut minorem et obiurgarem ut errantem. itaque ex iis quae post ea saepe ab eo ad me scripta sunt confido ita esse omnia ut oporteat et velimus.
Epiroticam emptionem gaudeo tibi placere. Quintum fratrem cottidie exspectamus. Terentia magnos articulorum dolores habet. et te et sororem tuam et matrem maxime diligit salutemque tibi plurimam adscribit et Tulliola, deliciae nostrae. cura ut valeas et nos ames et tibi persuade te a me fraterne amari.

(ad Atticum 1.5.2, 7-8)


all "funny" spellings are actually not weird, they're supposed to be like that, so don't criticise me on "bad spelling" unless you have memorised this passage and know exactly what it is and what not. agh. i reckon that i am starting to confuse myself. so i'll stop here. yeah.

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