WAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! long time no update. three months!! it's a record. I don't intend to break it, but I probably will at some point. haha.

Here's one I drew last year, but it was cute, so I thought you might like it. Hope you guys get the joke.. if you don't get it just PM or email me. yay. It's very un-dragon, very un-detailed, very un-crude (OMG TRICOLON), just the simple cartoon line drawings which I haven't done for a while. All done in ink pen, basic colours, and pretty quickly at that, with barely any touch-ups. No pencil base, I must proudly say. I dunno, I think I'm taking a short breather after all those dragons... I promise I'll add another dragon soon. But not in the next week or two.


so yeah, an update. enjoy!


Happy Birthday to Darren! 

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