Dentures. Now you don't need to wonder.
Oh and the joke to last post was that Grandpa Jim was dreaming that he was superman flying in the air, and then you look over to the right and you see the "sun" (light) and the "wind" (fan). hahaha. yeah, I know that the top panel of my last post was kind of weird because it makes you see the "sun" first, but I already drew it, and since it's in pen, it's not erasable! duh! lol. so I couldn't change it to be perfect. well isn't that what makes us human?

Sooooo... yes, a timely update. Do you know why? because i'm scanning and posting all of them at once and this site has a handy "post date" feature that lets me schedule things ahead of time. AWESOME!!!! yeah, exciting. anyway, here's Grandpa Jim again. Yay!

I'm going to camp in July, so don't expect too much of me then. I'll also be rather busy in August so I probably won't be updating too much that month either. and then... SCHOOL. >_>


Happy Advance Birthday to Kevin Fong!

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