Just going to sidetrack for a moment (or more than a moment for most of you). I drew these candies during winter 06 and I thought you might feel your taste buds tingling for them. maybe. um. Yeah, i know the scan didn't come out so great, there's that one line where I lifted my hand for a second to reposition it so that I could hold down the rest of the sketchbook, and then what becomes of it? a weird line. hmf. (or hmph, if you prefer to have it that way.) and Graphite Smudging!!! ugh. it is such an annoying thing. adds random shadings to places that don't need it. but i'm too lazy to edit it out for now, so here it is w/o touch-ups.

Well I guess it's fine anyway. If you couldn't tell, here are the candies from background to foreground: Snickers, Butterfingers, Skittles, Twix.
(sorry rohrer, the only non-chocolate one is skittles. but you'll live. it's got a lot of sugar anyway.) 


have a sweet day! 

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