I'm back!!


here come the ugly zoo animals. horrible art. hope you like them. hahahahahaha.

so here's the alligator. he's got eyebrows. and teeth that fall out of his mouth.

whoa! only one week and there's another update!

obviously i set this up early. lol

but yeah, bonus update. with... a flying snail!!!! also obviously, they don't exist. 

back on normal every-other-week schedule. frogs. on lily pads. eating flies. aww how cute. not really. but they taste good. frogs, i mean. i've never eaten a fly.

A gorilla. not a monkey. as you can see, monkey has been crossed out. because it is a gorilla. and not a monkey. alright, now. i am being so repetitive.

upturned nose, large nostrils, a silly smile, hair growing out of its ears. does he look familiar? 

a grey seal. doesn't look like what it should be, eh? well that's what it looked like in the photograph. hah. there. i win.

it's so ugly.

ohkay, so i have no idea what this was supposed to be. i did when i drew it, but i can't recognise it any more, and i didn't write in a name. erg. so. my best guess is that it's some kind of hairy primate, and if you can figure it out, msg/comment me or something.


also, sorry about not updating last week. scheduling mistake. but the rest of the updates should be back to normal (i.e. the next update will be in 2 weeks, unless some special bonus thingy occurs)

Also, my orchestra has a concert today.
Also, my orchestra has a concert next sunday.
um, yay?

yay for something decent! for the first time in a long time!

a kangaroo that is mildly recognisable. 


a koala. i don't think they're that cute, and my drawing reflects it. i had to draw its nose like 3 times to get it right. stupid koala. but they're fuzzy. yay fuzzy. 

I'm pretty sure this is a lemur. If it's not, then i don't know what it is. also drawn without a label. good luck guessing, kiddies.

it's not as bad as the koala or the grey seal, eh? 


also, i've just arrived in hong kong! yay! um, almost christmas, so happy christmas two days in advance! yay! hm yes being in asia is fun sometimes. i dunno. whatever. i'll probably update in my blog later. 

so, this is a lion-tailed macaque. i think it's some sort of primate, but i have forgotten now. i don't find it very attractive. would YOU want to date a lion-tailed macaque?


also: winter break!!!! yay!!! i'm in hong kong, suckers. just kidding.
so this is posted ahead of time. maybe if i draw something nice when i'm in HK i'll scan and post them some time.

back from hong kong. yay for jetlag. and school.

ostrich!!!!! one more relatively decent picture out of so many.
but sorry, it won't cure your eyes from all those other crappy drawings. it's just a little break from them. hehe

what the heck. another ugly one. why do my primates always end up so ugly?

oh well.

but anyway, it's a monkey.

monkeys are ugly.

end of story. 

 this one in particular has a unibrow and moustache. impressive, eh?

Finally a real sequence. and this is how snakes go about their daily lives when it comes to food. at least food that doesn't move. but usually it takes a long, long, long, long, long time to digest, and being cold-blooded probably has something to do with it. and also swallowing food whole might be another reason. maybe i'lll draw a sequence that shows what they do with live food. or maybe not.

i like food. 


a toad. yay. 

it has one eyebrow. and it is smiling at you. 


 i just had my junior recital. if you wanna know what i thought of myself, go find my blog. it's prolly gna be something about having fun, but then messing up, but lots of ppl were there which was cool, and free reception was tasty, and being tired and having lots of homework to do without having any time the whole weekend for homeworking. um. yay homework. we should get paid.

Warthog!!!!!! fairly decent!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS

 ohkay, yeah, it's not that great. you know i can draw better. but then... i can't help doing crappy art once in a while! be nice to the chum! besides, it's better than the koala and the grey seal and stuff. remember? yeah, you don't wanna remember.

whatever, man. 

a zebra! its patterns look like wood. not too bad though. recognisable even without the label.

yay me.

so this concludes the zoo animals.

wonder what's next... 

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