Happy Thanksgiving. here's a bonus update. yay!

ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you Mercury, Spawn of Maia.

he it wants to eat you.

its great bulk flies with the oarage of its wings, but it can only fly short distances. thus it only resorts to flight when in extreme emergencies. i'd say that it defends itself pretty well with its ugliness, its teeth, and its three tentacles. that's right, only three, but long and thick and muscular and equipped with suction cups!! beware.


i haven't really edited it much. it's supposed to be drooling... but i have yet to fix that. the laptop i'm working on doesn't have photoshop, so i resorted to making the image black and white instead of greyscale. it should be ugly enough anyway. maybe at some point i'll get it drooled AND coloured. if i do, it'll end up as another bonus post. yay!



i hope i haven't spoiled your appetite.


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