so basically he's saying "WHAAAAT?!" because AP season is starting. yeah, ok, that wasn't funny, but nothing is funny when all you can think of are AP exams.

so, uh, i had this photo of teddy from cys camp and i didn't want to do homework so i drew a guy in teddy's pose. it is by phar the dopest, and you cannot disagree. i won't allow it. kevin currently has possession of the pic because it was drawn on the back of an enormous index card that i sent to him. 

have fun with Advance Placement Exams, kiddies. wooo.
i'm only taking 3 this year. i took 1 freshman year and 1 sophomore year, so that amounts to 5. i guess it's enough for now, eh? 


oh yeah, and happy late birthday to me. i am now old. OLD. yeah. if i don't remember that it's my birthday when you tell me happy birthday, it's because i posted this early. (i've probably forgotten because it's AP season and i'm studying or whatnot.)


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