it's not an animal! it's an animlawl!

hahaha. how clever.

so it was supposed to be an angry dog, but it started looking funkier and funkier until i decided it was more like a dinosaur than a dog.


so there. 

but hey, another post! 

Here's an angry dog. grr.

i drew all these dogs because i had to draw one for my english project. and i;m bad at drawing dogs, so i need to practise. it was part of my picture book for our final project. 

gah! dogs! so mafan! 

here's another. HAHAHAHA


i had fun with this one. XD 


boy: you're so cute!
dog: i love you! just kidding. you're very ugly. this (poop) is for you.
arrow: this is you. >:D

(hehe pwn'd)

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