He's a hella pimp.
He's got sideburns.
He's got lots of women.
He's gotten lots of women pregnant.
He's raped a lot of women to make them pregnant.
He's sometimes considerate enough to turn her into a nymph. sometimes.
He's got a thunderbolt and will whack any man in his way.
He's omnipotent and you can't stop him from taking YOUR woman.


yeah, this is what we learn in Latin class.


Aeneas prays in the storm.

Achates crawls around after him.

apparently Romans prayed with palms facing the sky. i decided that they must have been raising the roof.


Vergil puts us IN MEDIAS RES!!!! 

Juno, queen of the gods, bribes Aeolus with 12 nymphs so that he will release the four winds to create a huge storm and wreak havoc on the seas that Aeneas sails on.

It's a deal. 

Aeolus seems to like buying nymphs by the dozen. 


that means i'll be back but probably not with timely posts . the rest of this week, i'll be at some music camp, so again, i'll be posting ahead for next week. yay aeneid.


ya, so poseidon raises his calm head (placidum caput) above the stormy waters and calms the waters with his trident and his power. he's kind of confused as to why there's a storm in his aquatic territory. he's also holding a dolphin. there's people drowning all over the place, including Anchises, who is Aeneas's old father and already dead.

also there are a bunch of ships. 

i was too lazy to draw the booty. sorry. haha. 


poseidon is SUPPOSED to look like zeus, if you noticed, because they're brothers. sideburns, balding head, beard, and everything. the one difference is that our buddy poseidon here has got a moustache and the good ol' pimp mista zeus don't. maybe i should have given him a nazi 'stache. haha.

OK, back home now.

i've been posting every week instead of every two weeks, if you haven't noticed. it's WAY more often than what i usually do. but the Aeneid is long. and with all hope, i'll be able to continue updating every week.

So basically school is gna start in like a week or two. OH CRUD SCHOOL! AND I'M A FRICKEN SENIOR! oh my goodness... that just hit me.. totally forgot about it until now hahaha. wait no, people at camp reminded me. whatever. it's school.


anyway, Aeneas shipwrecks ina cove, except his ship isn't really that wrecked. he and his crawling loyal achates are about to run off to the forest to explore around. yeah. this is a drawing in which i get lazy and don't feel like making things in proportion. hehe.

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