Happy 2009~!!


yeah, yeah, i haven't updated this thing in a LOOOONG time! college apps, homework, yuck yuck yuck.


i'm updating now! a filler update until i can figure out where and what i'm doing with the aeneid. someone help me with this.


so, some art from 2005. watercolour and ink.
a gift to my cello teacher from back in the day. so cute! i wish i could make cute things like that now.

in any case, t's based on "Elfentanz" (Elven Dance, i.e. Dance of the Elves) a cello piece written by David Popper. If you see Elrond from LOTR when you think of elves or you don't know what that piece is, try this. (links to youtube)


i will update again, i promise! probably another filler until i finish the next three or four scenes of the aeneid. :D

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