so... here's another filler. lots of fun! I drew this a couple years ago, maybe sophomore year?

characters from left to right (and occasionally, top to bottom):
Chokobo (FF), Paine (FFX2), Ash Ketchum (Pokemon), Mario (Super Mario Bros.), Yoshi (Super Mario Bros.), Pikachu (Pokemon), Kirby (Kirby), some cute little bird with a chocolate helmet from Meiji's Gummy Choco candies.

I was going to draw Link (from the Zelda games), but haven't had the time nor motivation to do so because I'm drawing so many other things at once. Maybe I'll take the time to draw him in some time this semester, if I can find the original again.

Also, yes, yes, I know, everyone's kind of out of of proportion relative to everyone else. Mario is totally a midget, and pikachu can physically fit in a pokeball here. but hey. it's cute, right? :D


(yeah, yoshi is farting and the bird is swearing because it stinks. XD ehehe)


All characters pictured here are the properties of Nintendo, Creatures Inc, Game Freak Inc, Square-Enix, Meiji Co., and HAL Laboratories
I am drawing these only for entertainment and am not promoting any products. but I am promoting the fact that gaming is awesome. PLEASE don't sue me. i like to draw and the characters are cool. :D

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