Anne Couteau ||   

Anne Couteau is a watercolor painter and digital comic artist. She illustrated a cover and provided ink illustrations for some boring book about fish, and created the art for an awesome children's book awaiting publication. She draws artistic inspiration from the work of German Expressionists and Arthur Rackham. When she does her watercolor paintings, the figure is always a primary focus. Whether rendered with realistic, expressionist, or illustrative style, her goal is always to use the human figure to provoke a contemplation of the tumultous and bleak struggle of the individual. On a lighter note she enjoys Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, rabbits, vintage prom dresses, and cookies. Her preferred genres of music are some combination of Metal/Industrial/Dance because these help keep her in a mindless trance while working.

Here's a link to My Friend's Bizarre Comic. Check it out if you've got the time.

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