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On Hiatus

Lynn's real-life counterpart actually did this. We can always tell when she's got a deadline coming.

Lists start appearing around the apartment.

This is something that Lynn only threatened to do to me. However when I did this comic, I came home and found the entire kitchen AND my cats labelled.

It doesn't pay to encourage her.

One would think that Rachel knew better than that.

Jo's gonna get out the bear traps.

Actually, the scones weren't blackened at all. However, it's hard to convey 'rock hard' and 'useful only as scone shurriken' in three panels.

Yeah, you're laughing now. She actually does this. It's terrifying.

Anyone who's worked the phones knows what this strip is about.

This strip isn't half as funny as the fact that Lynn actually took the drawer on top of that one out so that he could crawl inside. She refuses to put it back in because she thinks the kitty snores are cute.

Please pardon the bad quality of this strip. It's the one I did before I realized that old epson scanners don't LIKE doing black and white. In fact they object! They get oblique revenge on those who dare make them do it by making the scans extremely grainy.

 Like I said, I'll redo this one when I get the chance. >_<

This is a pretty common occurance for all three of us, denial included.

I need to do a sequel to this.

Sheriff Luther: *steps into the Chapel/Saloon.* I hear someone's been selling Indulgences in this town and I aim to see it end. So... the question you've got to ask yourself is 'Am I feeling lucky?' Well... do ya, POPE?


This is Jo in a nutshell.

Seriously, Lynn's a fanatic about donating blood and the Red Cross is always calling.

This is an actual German Holiday.

Totally not the day to wear the Lucky Tie. No power tie will be spared.

Yeah, they don't beleive me. One of these days this'll actually happen.
Yeah, see... this is what happened the one time we tried to run a campaign with Jo. She ended up being a courtesan, but only after I had to explain *at length* that she could not be an empress at level two.
Yup. That's about the size of it. Pardon the sketchiness of this strip, as you have no doubt noticed I've been experimenting with new pens. I tried to do the lettering in a finer pen this time and I didn't like the way it came out. I put the script in with MS Word and I actually kinda like it. I ma start doing more of that in the future if my handwriting doesn't improve.
Meet The Futon Of Doom. Futon: 1 Rachel: 0
This strip pretty much illustrates why I don't help with the training classes anymore. Seriously, what do you say to that?
Yeah... Lynn is the sort of person who picks up trash when she passes it on the sidewalk. She pulls over to get debris out of the road. Almost all insects inside the house are carefully ferried out of doors to saftey... all save the 'Periplaneta americana', otherwise known as the American Cockroach.
Sienna exists... although names have been changed to protect the idiotic. The reason -we suspect- that she does not *do* the "Internet" is because she needs he boyfriend to turn the computer on for her.
Ok, yeah. Just about everybody from 'Devil's Panties' to the lowest rag of a webcomic has done this gag. It's stale, it's old... but I had fun doing it. ^_^ The actual Easter art is going to be in color.
Yeah, it's pretty much been 'Easter Week' here at Adagissimo, but hey! It's a good thing!
Meet Lynn. Meet Lynn's yak.

Actually, we've never run out of tea. We know better. People give it to us as gifts and offerings to keep the mighty Jo pacified. It's something like what would happen if you could prevent Mount Pompei from going up again by keeping it plied with certain beverages.

 Donations pour in from Around The WORLD.

I promised it would happen and now it has.

The advent of Sconikken.

This is an OPINION piece. I'm positive there are people out there who not only like the book, but beleive in it.

I am not one of those people.

I did actually find a second-hand copy of the book and I have no issues with supporting the used book industry. Having now actually read the book, I find myself drowned in comic material. Seriously, this book is GREAT. It practically mocks itself!!!!
The Historian's take on 'The Secret'.

Seriously. It said that. It wasn't rhetoric or allegory or anything else. They meant actual money.

One wonders how Jesus got this money, considering he was the son of a poor carpenter and had trouble paying his taxes. This is on a scale with the cultural myth that the holy grail is made of gold and encrusted with jewels.

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