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On Hiatus
It's been a while since the last update, and I'm sorry for that. There's really no excuse for it, but the comic should be self explainatory.

The posters on Former Boss's walls are meant as sarcasm. Actually, she didn't have anything on her office walls.

Also, if you were wondering the expression on Rachel's face is that of someone who has been smelling something ever since she came into the room and has finally identified it: bullshit.

Welcome to filler art week! May it only last a week and not... however long it takes me to get an actual decent amount of comics done.

As you may have deduced from the title, 'Eve' here is a non-too subtle collage of symbolism referring to the Fall of Man. She was done in pen and inks on bristol board. The original is about 8x10 and hangs in my hallway. This version has a 'poster' filter done on it in photoshop.

I did Eve as practice, mostly in regards to the fall of fabric on the human body and the posters/lettering in the back. In that regard, she is a success. As an actual piece of art however... well, she's a bit crude. Still, I'm fond of her so I decided to share.

'She' was done in pen and ink on bristol board, same as the last: it's my favorite medium. Plus the pen and ink drawings are easier to scan...

This one is exactly 8x10, not including the signature. The filter is 'graphic pen' in Photoshop. I liked the way it looked with the colors inverted, and having the pen strokes go left when the main image is sort of heavily on the right side gave it balance that I felt it lacked.

This one is meant to be the first in a series of three that celebrates women. Or at least that's 'deep inner meaning' I choose to give it when asked. Actually, I like drawing people: especially women. My understanding of the male physiology isn't quite as good so I tend to shy away from them... which of course is the exact opposite of what I should be doing. Still, until I get better at them I probably won't be putting up any boy pictures.

When you leave a job, you always pause for a moment to take in one last look... then reality kicks in and you run like hell before someone changes their mind and tries to re-hire you.
If you came from a place with an economy as depressed as it is where Rachel came from, you wouldn't fool around either.
Well, it was yesterday but today's my birthday. I get to opt out of actual work. New Comic on Monday!!!
This is a samle page from a graphic novel style comic that I've been experimenting with. This and the next page are from a story called 'Engelhof' about... well. You'll get an idea. The second page goes up tomorrow. You'll get your regular update on Thursday. Photoshop is just being a pain about the color process is all.
You can, no doubt, tell when I drew this judging by the quality of my lettering. I haven't gotten much better, but at least I'm legible now, eh? This page will probably be completely redrawn.

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