It occurred to me that since this chapter, issue, or whatever, is wrapping up that I should probably throw out a "thanks" to those of you that have been following along.  Hopefully it has been a decent read for my first comic book attempt.  I've been watching the stats and while they haven't been overwhelming, there does seem to be a consistent following of the story.  

I have been working on a second issue, but I'm not far enough ahead to post pages.  I hate it when a series just stops dead in the middle of a storyline, so once I have another complete "issue" I'll start posting pages again.  (Not sure when that will be though.)  Thanks again, -Adrian

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Lynette Wright (lyn) says:

Great story, interesting characters, fun vehicles, cool aliens...


well written, nicely drawn, easy to follow panels, great sound effects...

My fav comic on the site!


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