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I am still trying to figure out my new host (like how to upload and sutff) also the layout sucks right now. So I am still posting here for the time being.

Edward is a prat. This page ain't supposed to be funny :)

Sorry guys! For the late update. This week has been busy and my power went out for a long long time as well. I'll be posting the completed version of this page along with next week's page, but as a consolation (maybe?) I am also posting this little comic thing I did for a French prject. It has a poem to go along with it.

Si j'étais un pamplemousse

Ma vie serais aigre-douce.

J'aurais beaucoup de frères et soeurs,

Mais je vivrais dans une abre et ça serait chouette. 

Si j'étais un pamplemousse

Je dormirais dans un bol.

Je barvaderais avec une banane

Quand le soir arriverait.

 Si j'étais un pamplemousse

Le melangeur serait une guillotime,

Mais je ne peur pas*

parce que je ferais une boisson bonne santé!


(*Not so sure if that sentence is correct!) 


Yeah! Another excuse! My dad stole my scanner so I will be updating on sunday with the two pages (well the finished first page and the new page) PLUS something extra. I know, it sucks that I have done this two consecutive weeks, but that's life!


<3 to all

Yay! I posted! I am keeping the pencils page up because I think it's nice for people to see some of the process right?

So I am no longer behind! <3 to all


Oh! I am changing my update day to Sunday! So check back on sunday next week =D

Can't believe it. I thought I had already posted this! Haha

pay attention to little things.

The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie


(also! For the last page, that candle was going out)

Filler Filler :(

 My teacher decided to plot.

Hey! So! i am also no longer updating here.

Please go to


The website is still being worked on, but hey! It's just too much of a hassle to update both here and there! <3

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Dan Mazur (danmazur) says: Nice -- I like seeing the pencils.
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