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Hi! I'll be entertaining you with static graphic images for hopefully a while, so you might as well want to know me a bit.

At present I'm a 14 year old human working on art. My current comic, Heads off Center, is a dryly humorous comic about my take on politics, current events, and mainly warped scenarios which happen in my school day. You can see most of my other art on my DevArt page, . I'm also working on a more serious anthropomorphic webcomic that is hopefully soon upcoming.

I enjoy reading, Powerbocking, drawing, flight, Star Trek, and being OCD about floor tiles, among other things. My favorite artists are Ben Caldwell, Tony diTerelizzi, and a lot of others. I also like the Beatles and ranting against Disney, and I hope to get into the Vizualization Sciences department in College and eventually into Pixar.

I try to be outgoing, so if things ever get to the point where I'm wildly famous, I'll still try my best to respond to anyone who sends me a message or advice.