Zombies, Music, and Bars - Oh My!

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Erica Nichols ||   

I drew "Aim for the Head" as a demo/introduction for "Tourmageddon", which is still in creation.  Both comics feature the band The Gunship (www.myspace.com/thegunship) playing music and battling zombies in real bars which they actually play at across the country. 
My art website is www.theknd.com/murdellaart/index and my myspace is www.myspace.com/kochick

I read a lot of comics and "real" books, I watch a lot of horror films, and I listen to a lot of music.  Some of my favorite comics are The Goon, Battle Pope, The Walking Dead, Madman, X-Force/X-Static, Meatcake, and The Invisibles.  Some of my favorite books are Good Omens, World War Z, and works by Greg Palast.  I will watch any movie with Bruce Campbell in it and I listen to everything from black metal like Gorgoroth to synth pop bands like Freeze Pop.

 I am currently a junior at the University of Oklahoma working on a bachelors of fine art in studio art with a minor in film and video studies.  I am also part of an art collective called The Killer Next Door.