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c jy (jyc) says: 888jiny1: Asics Gel Stratus 2.1 is early in the last century masterpiece in the field of sports shoes, the representative of the "Star Arrow" logo, has been adopted so far from Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 was founded. Onitsuka Tiger Tokidoki 2010 logo tag on the appearance of different years and different numbers. Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 due to copyright issues 08, abandoned an identification tag, only one certificate (only a small amount of stock with 2 or 3 tag). 2009 and replaced with a new certificate tag (only one)! Evergreen money each year on a quarterly listing of some of Asics Running Shoes will look like the classic monochrome shoes, such as Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Lauta, Asics Mexico 66 Lauta. Evergreen shall we call them. In addition to the production time is not as Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Baja, Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Deluxe the materials, production process are basically the same, no big difference. Mens Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 cushioning technology has been recognized as a global first, the comfort of wear in the feet are affixed to the foot of the feeling of NIKE, ADIDAS and Asics Mini Cooper is definitely not comparable, though not much advertising Asics Kanuchi, for those who like retro and vintage friends to said, Asics Tiger Shoes shoes is a good choice. Production design in the field of Tokidoki Fabre focus and specialty is universally acknowledged! Onitsuka Tiger Tokidoki GEL silicone damping original program was testing a number of international sports organizations, the authority of the best shock absorption technology for the world, Asics Tokidoki Mex Lo cushioning system of light to apply for IGS 7 patents! Onitsuka Tiger Tokidoki Mex Lo brand of comfort is definitely not comparable to other sports! Of course, in addition to cushioning shoes, Asics Mexico Mid Runner in width running shoes and more popular in Europe and America to China, so China's runners to experience an unprecedented feeling fit. Neutral casual shoes Asics Mexico 66 is also very good!

Onitsuka Tiger Kanuchi tips with a relatively bright white color, wear white Onitsuka Tiger Mexico Mid, will give a sun. Lively atmosphere. Onitsuka Tiger Shoes how that white shoes and clothes with it, Onitsuka Tiger Mini Cooper for everyone to ask some advice. Asics Tokidoki growing by everyone's favorite symbol, Japanese TV drama series has attracted more and more people's favorite, the super popular idol Takuya Kimura became the spokesman for fashion, in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other places, as long as what clothes to wear Kimura, what clothing will be popular. Takuya Kimura favorite shoe brand is Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81, "Beautiful Life" in the foot Takuya Kimura is Asics Stratus 2.1. If you Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Baja lace holes are big enough, you can put together with colorful shoelaces, so that the "rainbow" on your Asics Mexico 66 DX bloom. Asics Men's Mexico 66 you can mix according to mood, depending on the weather, according to match, according to lucky color, according to the one you think the most important element, find the heart you were the local water shoelace color.
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ASICS, the name is come from the famous Latin motto"Anima Sana in Corpare Sano", and its first letter of each word in the merger. This maxim means "strong healthy body healthy mind breeds", which is also as the princile of

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shoes, now the darling of fashion, it will perfect luxury style combined with extreme sports, a unique position to design and alternative fashion, beautiful, trendy, alternative, and the perfect combination of skateboarding,Supra Bandit Shoes has become the industry as well as the United States shoes An emerging pop culture much sought after brand. Supra Indy NS performance and design with the product itself quickly win, win a seat in the board industry of the place. The upper hand is that the shoe and material applications, can be said that the shape of shoes Supra Suprano High brand is the most "pretty", and the material is most unusual, so the Supra Strapped Shoes is not only aim to succeed in professional sport is essential to the trend of industry Strength.

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