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Garret Jones

Date of birth: April 18th, 1984

Height: Six feet.

Weight: Two hundred and eighty pounds.

Place of Birth: Paradise City, Wyoming.

Garret was born to Adam & Misato Jones, a former Air Force machinist and foreman of the machine shop at the local mine, and his mother is a homemaker from a old samurai family.

He has a younger brother, named Yoshi.

Garret is the boyfriend of Taryn Rayburn, who he met in college through a mutual friend who introduced them when the clutch went out in Taryn's AMX. Back to the Cast Page
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Here's the short version: I was born on 04/22/1981, am six foot four, weigh three hundred and nevermind pounds. I have gray eyes, dark brown hair, and a goatee. There will be more when I get around to it.... ... full profile