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Taryn Rayburn

Date of birth: November 19th, 1984.

Height: Four feet, ten inches.

Weight: Ninety pounds.

Place of birth: Toledo, Ohio.

Taryn was born into a very poor family who moved to New Orleans shortly after was born, where she grew up.

Growing up in the poor section of New Orleans she learned quite a few things: she discovered that her artistic abilities helped her shield herself from her dreary life, that being best friends with a full blooded Cajun girl is a good way to learn how cook and speak the language, and finally, how to be self sufficient, skills that have enabled her to make something of herself. Back to the Cast Page
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Here's the short version: I was born on 04/22/1981, am six foot four, weigh three hundred and nevermind pounds. I have gray eyes, dark brown hair, and a goatee. There will be more when I get around to it.... ... full profile