Crazy Guy and (Not)Jesus

Crazy Guy and (Not)Jesus

When life allows!

It's Altamont Fair time again!  CG causes a stir every time he goes to the fair.  (Yes, he was banned from the fair last year, but we know he is not above disguising himself.)

Vance Hominydots (filekutter) says:

Cowboy voice: "Dodge.... Pig.... 18000 Truck. Dodge.... PIG... a BIG, PIG, TRUCK. Buy one today. Dodge.... PIG."

Katje Borgesius (albanymous) says:


Vance Hominydots (filekutter) says:

ROFLMAO!!!! eggzellent! Here's something you may enjoy reading.. being in TN right now, its particularly relevant for me.. but you and that big guy... you know, mister stoic, may find a few realities here to trade among friends at those martini parties.

Katje Borgesius (albanymous) says:

Will check it out, thanks. :)

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