Crazy Guy and (Not)Jesus

Crazy Guy and (Not)Jesus

When life allows!
Vance Hominydots (filekutter) says:

I think he should decide to replace Planned Parenthood (since they're about to be killed), at home of course. Online course in maternity, wetnursing, some green gowns and a nice pink face/beard mask. Course he'll need an alterior motive.... women, CG.... What could it be? The exposure of his arch enemy of course!

Katje Borgesius (albanymous) says:

A mighty frightening proposition...  I wonder how many restraining orders CG has against him!

Vance Hominydots (filekutter) says:

Sorry not to answer promptly. I"ve been watching Al Jazeera w/out sleeping much, and then on a marathon of anger at Walker and Co. Ahhh restraining orders... I bet he has dozens. Mostly from people whose names he doesn't know, and the rest of the list is easy; just count legislative members for a base number.

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