Crazy Guy and (Not)Jesus

Crazy Guy and (Not)Jesus

When life allows!
Vance Hominydots (filekutter) says:

LOL! I think its time for Rachel Maddow, Tom Brokaw, and Obama to post junkshots too.

Vance Hominydots (filekutter) says:

I would like drop my 3 cents here.... I have to admit I am PROUD we have at least ONE working penis in our government. I think this is not only important, but a good method for judging the possible sanity of our representatives. Knowing Weiner is possibly aiming for at least one good orgasm a day makes his stance as a fighter for the people even more realistic. All hail the needs !

Vance Hominydots (filekutter) says:

Boehner is probbly into infantilism, he just cries too much. I picture him with a bottle and a domme yelling at him to keep his hands out of his diaper. And as for turtle-face, well, I doubt his penis even functions and all he wants to do is [ CENSORED ] with barbie and ken dolls.

Katje Borgesius (albanymous) says:

Vance, you-know-who refuses to pronounce "Boehner" as "bay-ner."  I'm sure you can guess how he pronounces it.  ;)

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