Crazy Guy and (Not)Jesus

Crazy Guy and (Not)Jesus

When life allows!
Vance Hominydots (filekutter) says:

I have the Wacom bamboo and slowly starting to understand how to use it. Its just... not a piece of paper and the stylus needs more than the intuitive attention you'd give a pencil. The software is nice tho, so besides my ubiquitous bishing, its all in all quite nice.

Katje Borgesius (albanymous) says:

I got another Genius tablet, which doesn't quite live up to its name, but is a pretty good deal moneywise.  Though I made the mistake of installing its drivers, which made it not able to talk to GIMP for some reason.  Undo that, and they talk fine.  Weird.  (No coincidence that the tablet came with a trial version of Photoshop, methinks.)

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