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Alejandro (Alex)
This is, in essence, me. Fun loving guy, always playing video games, enjoying life. ... more
Best friend of Alex, brother to Daniel, Vic is also a laid back guy. Always ready to hang out, play games ect! ... more
The Taco Cabana worker! Daniel is a guy who LOVES games and Comics, and is always back sasses Alex and Co. ... more
Eldest brother to Vic and Daniel, awesome friend! His house is always open to games like us! (Its like a safehouse?) ... more
Samantha (Sammy)
My annoying sister, but still loveable. She's always carrying her stuffed sockmonkey, Ringo. ... more
These guys help me out soooo much! Thanks! -->
Alejandro Calleros ||   

In short, I'm a fun loving guy, hanging out always at my friends house. I work as a clerical assistant and going to classes for my Real Estate license in Texas. My life's full of fun experiences, which are now being drawn! ... full profile