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I like to doodle.  I’m not sure if I can call myself a professional anything at the moment, but I sure do draw a lot.  I’m a fan of creation; the idea that seeds are planted everyday; the idea that things are constantly moving, growing, and changing.  I like going where life leads and seeing where it takes me.  Sometimes I hit a dead end, but the journey’s always worth my time.  I figure that if I stay positive, care about others, stay healthy, and stay within my means; I can’t really get myself into too much trouble. 


How I differ from others is that I don’t mind getting lost.  I’m convinced that most people have a fear of it.  People don’t like to get lost because it lands them in unfamiliar territory.  They end up having to work to get themselves back on track.  Getting lost is a waste of time; a misstep that diverts a person away from their intended path.  For me, I’ve accepted getting lost as my intended path, the idea that I don’t know and don’t really care where I end up.  I’ve lived by this philosophy for twenty four years and I’ve enjoyed where it’s taken me. Most of the time it takes me to coffee shops where I doodle.  I start with two eyes and a smile.  I see where it leads. 


--Alex Chiu, August 2009