NOTICE!  Due to school and the stresses thereof, Speak Legibly will not be updated until December.  It has not been forgotten, I just can't put aside time for it.  See everyone then!

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This comic is “teh suck” (but it does feature both of my sisters). I was damned if I was gonna miss a comic, so this is technically last weeks, but posted really late. The comic for this week will be up over the weekend. Yeah, that whole “Updated on Fridays!” thing is more of a guidline than a rule. Oh well.
In all seriousness though, God of War is awesome. Unfortunately, Anna has gone back to college and taken the game with her, so I only got to see a small bit of it. I love Kratos’ weapon. I think they have taken the #1 spot of “Coolest Video Game Weapon” (bumping the sword Ivy wields in Soul Calibur to #2).
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