NOTICE!  Due to school and the stresses thereof, Speak Legibly will not be updated until December.  It has not been forgotten, I just can't put aside time for it.  See everyone then!

Once every weekend (anytime between Friday and Sunday)
I suppose this is as good a time as any to explain why my updating has been incredibly sporadic as of late, especially since it sort of has to do with this comic. Short version: working at Starbucks sucks the energy out of me. The only good opportunities to draw a comic are when I have two or three days off in a row. However, I am working to rectify this, so with any luck, it shall be fixed rather soon. And the good half to all of this is that I’ve been accepted to DigiPen and have been in the process of filling out all the random paperwork for that.

And as evidenced by the comic, I got my hair cut a couple weeks ago. It was getting long, so I got it cut and will be donating the hair when I drag my lazy butt to the post office. I like shorter hair, so much easier to deal with.

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