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PAX was absolutely amazing. This was my second year going, and it was even more enjoyable than the first (which for me was just last year). However, a fault of my character kind of diminishes what could have been: I am a horrible coward when it comes to greeting people I don’t know, thus, I don’t do it very often. So, considering in all the opportunities I could have actually engaged others in conversation, well… it is regrettable. In other words, dammit, I wish I had actually asked a question or two in the PA panels. Not that I know what I would have asked, but at least the ACT of asking may have been accomplished.
On a side note, I decided to draw Gabe and Tycho as their comic selves versus their IRL selves, as the former is more known. And I like drawing characters that originated in a different style, in my own. Makes for interesting times.
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