NOTICE!  Due to school and the stresses thereof, Speak Legibly will not be updated until December.  It has not been forgotten, I just can't put aside time for it.  See everyone then!

Once every weekend (anytime between Friday and Sunday)
This weeks comic isn’t that good. No, really, it’s not. I had my spring break last week and figured I could pump at least one comic out. Didn’t finish this until yesterday when I realized I should finish it now or it won’t be finished at all. So… no reference for those cars as that would have taken time I once again don’t have. Oh well!
Updates will probably cease until the end of April. I’m passing through midterms right now, and I don’t think things will get very easy from now until then. I’ll totally accept guest comics if the size dimensions can be kept relatively similar to the SL strips (if not, I’m sure we can work around that). Thank you everyone for putting up with these long delays! I really do like doing this comic and I fully intend on pushing through and making it better as time goes on.
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