NOTICE!  Due to school and the stresses thereof, Speak Legibly will not be updated until December.  It has not been forgotten, I just can't put aside time for it.  See everyone then!

Once every weekend (anytime between Friday and Sunday)
Oh, Brawl, you’re so awesome.  Sure, Snake breaking Ness’ or Lucas’ neck is disturbingly hilarious, but watching him do THE SAME THING TO KIRBY OR JIGGLYPUFF is a complete mystery.  Snake puts creatures with NO NECK in a choke hold.  That must be a testament to how awesome he is.
I really wanted this comic up last Friday, but I’ve been hit with some intestinal bug that’s just laid me out for the past four days.  Still not all better, kind of a miracle I got this comic up.  Depending on how I recover, there should be a comic up this Friday.  While it’s summer I’m shooting for Monday and Friday updates (and I fully intend to see comic number 50 before I start school again).
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