Gaslight Volume 1: An Unkindness of Ravens


Irene Adler
An American opera singer with a "soul of steel," the only woman ever to outwit Sherlock Holmes--now determined to solve and avenge the mystery of his murder for the most personal of reasons. ... more
Winfield Scott Lovecraft
A courageous silver seller from Providence who comes to Irene's aid, despite a private struggle of his own. ... more
Mycroft Holmes
Sherlock Holmes' brilliant older brother and founder of the enigmatic Diogenes Club. ... more
Dr. John Watson
Good-hearted and stalwart companion to Sherlock Holmes and a fast friend to Irene. ... more
Young leader of the Baker Street Irregulars whose life is threatened by a secret. ... more
Colonel Sebastian Moran
Iron-willed ex-soldier and hunter who holds the key to Sherlock Holmes' murder. ... more
Ygor Barnabus
Sinister associate of the late Professor Moriarty who is pursuing an unthinkable occult agenda. ... more

Text © John McCullough, images © Alisa Lowden Preston. All rights reserved.

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