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Maxine has always been the most popular girl in school. She's just starting high school and already she's well known. But unlike most of the kids at her school, her life is far from normal. At 14, she's already out of her parents house. When Matthew's. . ... more
Nobody knows how Nick came to live with the Happyness crew, but he just walked in one day and he's been family ever since. Maxine and him have already shown disliking towards each other. Nick seems to take up to Zombie the most, and it seems that. . . ... more
Life for Zombie was perfectly normal. But when his wife left him and took his daughter, he couldn't take it anymore. Zombie prefers not to be called by his real name so only a few people know what it is now. . . ... more
Matthew is the head of the Happyness household and a father figure to Maxine. Unlike his brother, Zombie, he finished high school and went on to college which he finished some years ago. Matthew is a hardworking individual who enjoys the strange adventure ... more
Supporting Cast: Elle Gruzk Lee
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